Hughes Calls on Parliament to Do More to End Femicide

“The numbers are chilling.”

This was how Carol Hughes, MP for Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing, described the Canadian Femicide Observatory for Justice and Accountability’s #CallItFemicide Report 2018-2022 today in the House of Commons.

“The report notes a 27 percent increase in the number of women and girls killed involving a male accused compared to 2019. Young women between 25 and 34 are more likely to be victims. It also states that one in five female victims killed by male accused was an Indigenous woman or girl,” said Hughes.

The #CallItFemicide Report 2018-2022 documents the increased frequency of the killing of women and girls across Canada across this five-year period. The report shows that, on average, a women or girl is killed in Canada once every two days, and that there has been a noticeable increase in gender-based killings over this period. Among these documented cases, when an accused has been identified, 82 percent are reported to be male.

“The #CallItFemicide Report shows exactly why this Parliament needs to take the National Action Plan to End Gender-Based Violence seriously,” said Hughes. “There’s also a dire need to ensure the funding for the Indigenous Shelter and Transitional Housing Initiative is allocated which would go a long way to protect Indigenous women from dangerous situations.”

“Let’s do all that we can to end gender-based violence now.”

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