Sudbury 17 and 10 wild fires now under control, access restrictions lifted

By Rosalind Russell – For campers and other users to travel to their camps in the vicinity of The Sudbury 17 fire, there is good news.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry says the largest forest fire in the region, was brought under control Monday.

The fire burning north of Massey burnt out some 5,800 hectares of woodland before it was brought under control.

The goods news is that the travel, use and access restrictions, including the Tote Road, are now revoked and users can now access the area.

Meanwhile, the Sudbury 10 fire, which was declared June 2nd, which has burnt out just over 1,370 hectares between Sudbury and Elliot Lake is now under control.

There are currently 22 active wildland fires in northeastern Ontario, and of those, four are not under control, five are being held, seven are under control and six are being watched closely.

Photo: Fires Sudbury 17 and 10 are now under control and the Tote Road has been reopened – Esten Fire – VISTA file photo

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