This week’s tip: be earth-friendly with your Christmas lights!

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This week’s tip: be earth-friendly with your Christmas lights!

For a lot of people, Christmas lights are what make the holiday season so magical! I have always loved driving through town and checking out everyone’s twinkling houses, but have you ever thought about their environmental impact? Christmas lights can use up a huge amount of energy! Here are a few ways to keep them as earth-friendly as possible:

> For your outdoor lighting, try solar-powered lights. These are as earth-friendly as it gets!
> For your indoor lighting, use LED Lights. They use 80% less energy and last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs! Your planet AND your electrical bill will thank you for it.
> Only turn Christmas tree lights on when you’re actually in the room to enjoy them. Don’t waste energy by leaving them on all day long for no one to see.
> Scale back a bit. As fun as it is to see every square-inch of a house covered in lights, it uses A LOT of energy! Only use lights to high-light key parts of your home.
> Turn your outdoor Christmas lights off before you go to bed, or put them on a timer that will remember to do it for you!

Cheers to an earth-friendly holiday season!

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