Transport truck crashes – highest levels in over a decade 

By Rosalind Russell – Transport-truck-involved crashes in Ontario are at their highest level in over a decade.  

On Ontario Provincial Police patrolled roads, they report 91 hundred transport truck crashes in 2022.  

A prime example was an accident on Sunday that closed Highway 144 for over 16 hours after a transport was involved in a collision and ruptured the gas tanks. 

Provincial police cite the causes in various crashes as improper lane changes, following too closely, and speed.  

According to the report, up to 71 crashes resulted in someone dying.  

Provincial police continue to work with the Ministry of Transportation on a campaign to enforce and educate commercial and non-commercial drivers to share the road.   

Photo: This transport crash took place on Sunday and closed down Highway 144 for over 16 hours. Photos provided by Nipissing West OPP.  

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