Unique project involves underwear, dirt and the great outdoors

By Rosalind Russell – Dirty underwear is a vital part of a unique project being undertaken by a local agricultural group in the North Shore.
Dianne Emiry from the Massey Agricultural Society says they are undertaking the Soil Your Underwear project involving volunteers literally planting a pair of underwear on their property to test how alive their soil really is.
Emiry says the society will provide the undies to plant so they are all the same and they will also track where they are buried across the North Shore corridor.
She says it will be an interesting experiment to see which ones degrade more, how different soils affect that degradation and what types of living matter are attracted to them.
Emiry says the experiment will be carried out in May and anyone who is interested in taking part can register online on the link at:

PHOTO: Dirty underwear and the environment are the focus of a unique project with the Massey Agricultural Society. Poster provided

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